Sunday 01 March, 2015

Miranda Kerr's 10 Romance Tips For Men

This is how Miranda keeps Romantic Harmony ;)

Australian model Miranda Kerr has stepped into the shoes of a love guru in her latest tete~e~tete with men’s lifestyle website in which she gave the 10 tips to ‘woo your lady’. 

“In my experience, it is the random small gestures that I find the most romantic,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted her as telling the website.

Miranda with her boyfreind Didier Cohen.

 These tips would serve the dual purpose. One, it would let you win the heart of the girl you are crazy about and Second, it would let you have long time romantic harmony with her.

“It could be something as simple as making me a cup of tea or being given a foot massage while we are watching a movie at home after a long day at work. ” Yeah certainally, now her female followers would overshoot the no. of men crazy about her. Foot massage, oh lalalala, seems to be a really effective way to excite the other half ! 

“If more men made an effort to do these little things for their partner throughout their everyday life they would be guaranteed to have a more romantic relationship,” she added.

Yes true, but in this ‘bahgti daurti duniya’ do you think you can find time for your lady love? Yes you can, if you want, if you care about, if you love her. But it should be a two way traffic, One night boy gives a foot massage, next night it should be the other way round. Infact Girls are really ‘talented’, they can do better things !

Following are the ten tips from Australian hotty. Blend it with SRK’s ‘ 6 din ladki in’ formula and it may work wonders for you !

Kerr’s 10 romance tips:

 1. Treat her like a goddess

2. Pamper her

3. Be healthy

4. Get a baby sitter

5. Tell her she is beautiful and romance her

6. Don’t be afraid to show her love

7. Know what you want

8. Connect with her

9. Listen to her

10. Buy the right size

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46 Responses to "Miranda Kerr's 10 Romance Tips For Men"

  1. Petrucci says:

    buy the right size and dont’ be afraid to show her love!

    be gay!

  2. Parvathy says:

    well after reading this article i m sure many boyfriends must be dashing to try out these with their girls..but i would like to say something. i agree these points are true but a guy mainely just has to be himself after all that was the real thing that connected you two togeather! also more than gifts girls just need simple romantic gestures and need to be told that they are loved from time to time.. if these don’t work m sure these 10 tips would! ;)

  3. Saahil Menghani says:

    Ha ha…I’am myself wondering what the right size means…

  4. jatin says:

    Nyc 1! nw me too gt d tips :P

  5. Saahil Menghani says:

    Definately, boys would try this…but Most guys are born with this talent ;) ………well I agree Parvathy that a guy should be natural but do u think in the “jo dikhta hain wo bikta hain duniya”, this trend is hard to observe????

  6. Saahil Menghani says:

    Yes these tips would work….n even if it fails we have srk’s Kal Ho Na Ho ’6 din ladki in’

  7. Saahil Menghani says:

    Hey Jatin, good u benifited frm these tips….Miranda can’t be wrong( I’am a bit biased)!

  8. Parvathy says:

    oh yes defenitly Saahil when did i say it was easy..Don’t we get the idea from the numerous breakups.?? even hollywood is a witness to this scenario..but all i can say is i believe in love and for sustainig in a relationship one has to be natural.. “jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai ” trends shows fast hook ups, then they hardly last..don’t u agree??

  9. Saahil Menghani says:

    First of all, love is pure, it just requires feelings….even taj mahal was more a gesture of love than a materialistic marvel

  10. Parvathy says:

    correctly put!

  11. Saahil Menghani says:

    Seondly…I agree..hook ups and break ups have become like hospitals in villages…..they are happening at same rate as the hospitals are delivering a child in villages…ie atleast 10 per day in a locality…..but the qn that im asking u is that do u think this trend of …aaj mangni kal taalak is here to stay???

  12. Parvathy says:

    of is here to stay! now hook ups and break ups have become some kind of fashion trend! if a girl dosen’t have 10 boyfriends..she is considered a non socialite or bore! same goes for the boy also.also people are mindlessly indulging in dating and relationships.the values or marriage have also diluted..arlier one used to shudder at the thought of seperation but today marriages are also done on contract basis..wat do u think??

  13. Saahil Menghani says:

    Parvathy, I have heard about this 10 bf/girl and vice versa…but have u observed this in ur circle…i mean in among ur freinds????

  14. Saahil Menghani says:

    Yes the institution of Marraige has faced a huge setback.U can observe ppl joining grps on FB like “I hate marraiges”..

  15. Parvathy says:

    hmm..among my circle of friends a different trend exists..this will spark off a different debate.well this is purely my no offence i see that as soon as we enter college our new found freedom makes many hook up with boys some survive while some just wither away..

    as to the ans to ur this trend dosen’t exist if it does it’s with very less % of ppl..and as to others i have no idea of their background.

  16. Parvathy says:

    even in a traditional country like india shockingly the institution of marriage is u think it;s because of the influence of the west..?? if not what’s the real reason??

  17. Saahil Menghani says:

    I agree with ur point …”as we enter college our new found freedom makes many hook up with boys “…..I have seen girls hitting on boys…and vice versa….

  18. Saahil Menghani says:

    Moreover …this ‘valentine culture’ is increasing “jo dikhta hain wo bikta hain ” wala culture…..Unless n untill u are going out on this day with ur better half…world doesnt believe that u love ur partner..don u think so??

  19. Parvathy says:

    oh yes!true..valentine’s day has become more of a commercial market driven event than a day when u can treat that some 1 spcial…also if u would have sen this day has become more of a expensive gifting day..if u don’t give me a very expensive gift ur nt worth being my boyfrnd..shame.!..u didn’t answer my marriage que..

  20. Saahil Menghani says:

    Yes certainally its the influence of the west… a I said the valentine culture is destroying our very basics….Infact todays India is a reflection of yesterday’s(and even today’s) west……..but still the condition is not that bod…..its on the verge of being destroyed ..lets save it!

  21. Saahil Menghani says:

    Valentine’s day doesnt come alone but the package includes.Rose day….Kiss day….Hug day….oh my god….uhhhhhhhh….If u dont allow ur gf to kiss u on Kiss day …she would start yelling “%##$#@$@$@$” n dat too at top of her voice…

  22. Parvathy says:

    it’s not bad..?? well defenilty the influence of west is there..we always belive aping the developed makes us also modern and upto their level..that’s wrong what sets us apart are our values and beliefs..sad to see this scenario..but then can we put the whole blame game on west influence only..have u seen how today just for getting ahead in one’s career one is ready to shed all inhibitions and jump into almost all relationships have become money oriented nature has somewhere lost it’s importance..if u have money u’ll be in demand for bf/gf and when ur need is over.good bye..never see -meet again..

  23. Parvathy says:

    haha..true…that’s what i said aboput this becoming market driven..see on chocolate day u have to give choc otherwise…..@#%#$% but then if ther’s true love there is no need to buy such things to prove ur love..

  24. Parvathy says:

    have we thought amidst all this marriages which break quickly have worst effect on the children..these little ones have no idea why their parents separate..also one looks at ur bank balance before ur both arranged and love marriages..”ladka NRI hai” uske pas ye hai wo hai..uurrghh… sucks!

  25. Saahil Menghani says:

    hahaha…well said….’never see-meet again’….ur first point yes West has had a bad influence on us..

  26. Saahil Menghani says:

    Second…yes blaming the west alone would be unfair… u knw wat we do……we destroy our heritage ourself..we take it for granted…. n wen a outsider puts a finger on it we start making loud voices..infact loud noise….it’s our heritage…n its our DUTY to preserve it…to protect it…

  27. Parvathy says:’s true..we realise the importance of something only after outsiders appreciate it!

  28. Saahil Menghani says:

    Yes parvathy…choclate day wo day…shobha day…sb same hain….dikhate hain bikwate hain….pta nahi true love mein bhi aajkal money ke bina gujara nahi(ye mein sirf colg relationships ke lie but ek proper married coule ke lie bhi keh rha hun

  29. Saahil Menghani says:

    Jha tak Arrange marriage tak ki baat hain…to maa baap security ke lie puchte hain ki ladka kamata kitna hain n all dat…which is f9…after all wen u would nt have cash in the pocket to pay telephone bills….pay back loans….clearing electricity bills…den that ‘LOVE’ would also wither away…

  30. Saahil Menghani says:

    han outsiders wali baat toshi hain par usse badi baat hain ki We shld not get influenced by it…Just be stable

  31. Parvathy says:

    hahaha…ya true..asking for security money is fine..but excuse me for using this phrase searching for the richest snobbiest man just so that he can flaunt 10-15 vehicles leave aside love is no way to marry off..uhh..hate it..

  32. Saahil Menghani says:

    richest snobbiest man…na na..Still dat stage has not arrived…the ad goes like this….”Lookng for a handsome, fair, tall boy earning salary in 5 digits….

  33. Parvathy says:


  34. Saahil Menghani says:

    But still I have seen some happily married couples…though I dont have much faith in GF/BF or college relationships…they more often than not wither away….

  35. Parvathy says:

    true…but then some humanity is still there…

  36. Saahil Menghani says:

    Yeah…it is still there…but it is endangered…

  37. Very well written post, do you have an rss feed I can subscribe to?

  38. Trisha Mahajan says:

    nice article and it surely will help guys. :) True, if we love someone we have to be just what we are but I don’t feel the article relates to the “jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai” quote and these gestures of love are pretentious or for impressing your girl/guy. Showing such gestures makes your partner feel loved and special and helps in keeping the relationship healthy. These are nice ways to keep the fire burning even after years of relationship ;) .

  39. Saahil Menghani says:

    @ trisha…..Thanks. In online media, it is the duty of the writer to indulge the readers in a healthy conversation. While commenting, a user named Parvathy introduced a new angle so we start discussing an another angle coz of which I wrote, ‘jo dikhta hain wo bikta hain’. By ‘jo dikhta hain wo..’ I meant to say that, in many (not all) relationsips, it has been observed that if on stupid days like choclate day, kiss day, ye day , wo day, to maintain statas quo u hv to follow the norms. Trisha,plz remove the confusion of our readers and tell them wat wr u infering by “Gestures”.

  40. Trisha Mahajan says:

    well saahil i was talking about the article. Gestures here mean showing affection in the ways you have discussed like pampering your partner or giving them a foot massage or fondling with their hair.

  41. Saahil Menghani says:

    Ok, thanks for enlightning our readers Trisha. Fondling with their hair, foot massage and as i said girls can perform better than boys.

  42. Saahil Menghani says:

    @ Romantic Destination–>Thanks! Yes we have an RSS feed.

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